About Advanced Home


About Advanced Home



Advanced Home was created by a group of professionals in the Smart Home integration industry who originally worked primarily with high end smart homes. Due to high demand the team came together to create a solution that would make this technology available for the everyday home and not just the high end market.


Through extensive research and development the Advanced Home packages were created. These packages were specifically

designed to implement smart home technologies into every new home, by streamlining and integrating an easy to use system with the best and most affordable products on the market.

"It wasn't about trying to sell a fully automated smart home system with all the bells and whistles. It was about educating the

customer about the technologies now available and supplying affordable solutions which could be easily upgraded when the home owner was ready."


Firstly creating a design that allowed homes to be pre-wired correctly was essential to this solution. Many homes are still

being wired without a professional system design, and inevitably not being able to be upgraded to the systems available today,

The next step was to provide affordable solutions which allowed customers who are building or renovating, to choose packages

within their budget with the option to upgrade when the time is right in a simple and streamlined process.


The range of Advanced Home Packages have been created to suit all types of home technology requirements. These

Packages have been professionally designed and supplied with "smart home friendly" products which easily adapt to all

technology advancements of the future.


Thankfully with the right combination of intelligent pre-wiring, paired with affordable and easy to use smart home packages, all

Australian homes now have access to smart home technology.





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