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About Meridian Audio

Since 1977, Meridian Audio has been crafting innovative, elegant, high performance audio solutions. From its compact DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification, to its user-friendly music management platform Sooloos, Meridian delivers easy to install, high resolution audio systems for home cinemas and whole home solutions. The Meridian Audio experience is now also available at The Advanced Home Experience Center In Sydney, Australia.


What is High Resolution Audio?

The official definition: “Lossless Audio that is capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better-than-CD quality music sources.”


Why Does it Matter?

When you listen to High Resolution Audio, you are able to feel every emotion, hear every note and experience every detail of your favourite artist's original studio performance.You no longer need to suffer distracting distortion, unnecessary noise and two-dimensional delivery. Hi-Res Audio provides the best possible listening experience.


Meridian Audio are the Pioneers of High Resolution Audio

Hi-Res Audio is in our DNA. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to perfecting the path between the original performance and the sound that emerges from a loudspeaker.To achieve this, every single component of every Meridian product is meticulously selected and engineered to maintain the integrity of the Hi-Res audio signal throughout the chain.


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