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How Much Is Shipping?

$98.00 flat fee Sydney Metro, $250.00 flat fee Brisbane Metro, $225.00 flat fee Melbourne Metro, $225.00 flat fee Canberra Metro, all other areas to be quoted.

Can you buy 2 of the same package in one house?

Please contact us regarding a custom solution as you get a better end result for less cost.

Is it complicated to set up?

No, the instructions cover the entire installation and setup of each system and the programming is done by us prior to shipping.

Can I supply my own TV?

there is a BYO option for the TV screen and Samsung is recommended, you will need to provide the make and model of the screen for programming and the TV will not be tested and therefore can not be guaranteed to work with the control system.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, the instructions and diagrams make installing very easy, but we do recommend using one of our certified installers.

Is it compatible with my existing Sonos?

Yes your existing Sonos will still function as normal.

What if I already have a wifi network?

Your existing WiFi network will remain as it is and the Advanced Home network will also be available, it is recommended that other wireless networks be turned off and the Advanced Home WiFi be used.

My house won’t be built for another year, how can I prepare?

Our installation documentation is available for purchase, so your house can be pre-cabled and once completed will be ready for the Advanced Home equipment.

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