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For the most superior sound through your entire home, Sonos is an industry leader in providing audio brilliance. From one sleek, intelligent system, you will be able to access immersive audio that will resonate around every room.


We provide installation of Sonos systems around Sydney, to allow you to hear the beautiful audio for yourself, wherever you are. Our professional technicians work to offer you a complete solution, where the entire process is streamlined and automated.


Listen for yourself with affordable Sonos installation

Whether you are renovating or drawing up the blueprints from scratch, we are able to work with your home to install a complete wiring system that fits inside your walls, leaving you with just the beautiful console to enjoy.


We also set up the intuitive software on your personal devices, allowing you to access the world of music from your own living room. Experts in our field, we will provide you with an amazing installation.


Automated sound

Sonos, as well as offering premium sound quality, creates a truly automated system. Everything is controlled from a one-touch remote app from anywhere inside your home, no matter the size or layout, and the systems speak directly to your phones, laptops and tablets. The progressive systems are intelligent in their design, using advances in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to connect your whole home to a beautiful sound.


The sound systems work in stunning parallel with our other automated products – Control 4, home cinemas, and automated control of lighting – to truly streamline your life.


Speak to us about installing in your home

For installation throughout Sydney and its suburbs, our friendly technicians will provide you with a comprehensive quote that suits your space. Contact us to discuss how to bring the quality into your home, and experience the difference.