Having high-quality audio (Hifi Systems) in a home is a valuable asset.  We all have a desire for it, but few of us have the ability to execute on our own.  We look for assistance in the form of technology, professional experts that can guide the buying and installation process.  HiFi systems are one of the answers, specifically from companies like Meridian and they need to gain your attention.

There are many benefits to make note of when talking about HiFi systems, but first, you have to figure out the originality of the term and where it comes from


Digital Signal Processing or DSP enables Meridian Audio products to achieve an extremely accurate reproduction of audio signals. This is one of the reasons why when you listen to a Meridian Audio system, it feels as though the artist is right there in the room with you. DSP has the ability to completely control the different audio frequencies and timing. Here are just a few of the many revolutionary Meridian product features that would be simply impossible to reproduce in the conventional analogue domain:
Master Quality Authenticated [MQA] is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that delivers master quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream or download. It’s fully authenticated, you can be sure you’re hearing exactly what the artist approved in the studio.
Enhanced Bass Alignment [EBA] enables accurate time-alignment of the high, mid and bass frequencies reproduced by our loudspeakers. This process ensures that all of the sounds reach your ear at the same time, providing exceptional imaging and a clear, transparent, life-like sound.
Meridian High Resolution [MHR] allows the secure movement of high resolution digital audio within a Meridian system, without degradation or loss in quality

High Res Audio

High Resolution Audio is Lossless Audio capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better-than-CD quality music sources!

When you listen to High Resolution Audio, you are able to feel every emotion, hear every note and experience every detail of your favourite artist’s original studio performance. You no longer need to suffer distracting distortion, unnecessary noise and two-dimensional delivery. Hi-Res Audio provides the best possible listening experience To achieve this, every single component of every Meridian product is meticulously selected and engineered to maintain the integrity of the Hi-Res audio signal throughout the chain.

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Comparing HiFi Systems to Typical Sound Systems

Comparing HiFi systems to standard sound systems is like comparing apples to oranges, they are completely different!  A HiFi system or Hi-Res sound system is going to be fully customised.  The surround sound system will have everything built to be fully catered to space.  If you want to have an ideal home theatre system, having a HiFi audio setup is going to be an absolute requirement.

A HiFi system relies on the speaker quality, the receiver setup that drives the sound.  Take a HiFi sound system and listen to it, then compare it to more of a standard audio experience, with the sound coming from your built-in television speakers.  There is no comparison.

Meridian Leads the HiFi Track

If you are in the market for a HiFi audio system, you want to look no further than Meridian.  Meridian Audio is an English company.  They work to manufacture audio and video systems.  It was founded back in 1977 and has since pumped out amazing high-fidelity audio systems.

Reviews by industry experts are always positive.  Merdian takes pride in blowing everyone away.  Their flagship speakers include the DSP8000 speakers and their new M6 loudspeaker.  All reviews to date have been favorable as they continue to make their mark in the industry.

Adding the System to the Home

There is never a better time to add a HiFi system to your home than now.  Whether you are going to a new construction home or a renovation, you can easily add one of these systems with the help of our professionals.

Customisation is pivotal for a HiFi system to deliver quality results.  Everything has to be completely tailored to make the most of the space.  The way in which sound bounces off of walls in a room can have a vast impact on just how well the speakers are perceived to be performing.

The Installation Day

We handle everything when it comes to installation day for the system.  We will figure everything out beforehand after scoping out space.  We will nail down the proper equipment, relying on great brands like Meridian, and have it set to go so that it can be installed and ready for your use and full enjoyment.

Advanced Home takes care of it all with pristine accuracy and professionalism.  Our goal is to get everything installed, cleaned up, and ready for you to start the listening experience quickly.

Home Automation

Controlling your HiFi system is not going to require you to learn to use five different remote controls.  We make it easy by incorporating the system into the Control4 automation platform.  It will be just one controller, one touchpad that you’ll be relying on to control everything.

The goal is to make everything seamless, simple.  It should not require a handful of remote controls just to turn on a movie or start streaming some audio.  We understand that at Advanced Home which is why our home automation tools and solutions tie everything together and simplify the control process.

Home automation and HiFi systems truly go hand-in-hand.  We want to show you just how easy it is to add one of this system to your household.  Take advantage of the home theatre experience in the home, check out the various options we have available.  Working with amazing brands like Meridian, we have products that we rely on, that we are confident in terms of performance.  You will not be let down once you hear the audio quality of a HiFi audio system.  You’ll be blown away and wonder why you never pulled the trigger on such a setup sooner.

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