Get some great benefits with a video intercom system. An intelligent combo of technology and professional home design can bring big lifestyle rewards. Home automation should be at the forefront for all Sydney homeowners. When you work with the professionals at Advanced Home, you get great results! Video intercom Systems and access control are just two of the significant benefits of a home automation solution. Adding these items to your automation system will improve your home experience and quality of life!

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Quality Automation Systems

Before we get into the specific benefits of video intercoms and access control, it is essential to talk about what a quality automation system entails.  A quality home automation system must be integrated.  All of the components have to work hand in hand.  They need to complement one another and have the ability to be easily controlled.

The smart one-touch control means you have a complete, automated audio visual solution at your fingertips.  You can control everything from lights to door locks, speaker systems to televisions and more.  All of this should have the ability to be controlled from a smartphone, from an access control point, a central location.

Quality Technology is needed to make all of the above a reality.  Without the latest technology, the quality of experience is not going to be worth the spend.  When you work with inferior, outdated technology, it is hard to get that integrated system, to control it with ease.  Scalability also is a factor.  We take it seriously at Advanced Home.  

A Quality Video Intercom System

Video intercom systems are one of the most critical pieces of technology to tie to a home automation system.  There are many reasons for video intercom systems being installed inside your home.  Think of a video intercom system as the ability to have two-way communication anywhere in or around the house.

It starts with figuring out where the video intercom system makes the most sense.  A video intercom system should undoubtedly be in central areas of the home, living rooms, kitchens, even bedrooms.  It allows for secure communication throughout the home.

A widespread reason is when a family that has two levels of living, with the kids playing in a finished basement or second floor.  You are in the kitchen making dinner.  How many times have you yelled up the stairs to get their attention, with no luck?  A video intercom system allows for easy communication across the household.

Video intercom systems can also be interconnected to the outdoors.  You may have a situation where someone is pulling into the driveway or even walking up to the front door.  They ring the doorbell, but how do you know who is on the other side? What if you cannot see through the window?  A video intercom system allows you the ability to talk to that individual with ease. 

The added layer of security from your video intercom system gives peace of mind.  You will know who is outside of the door or driveway at all times.  Having that level of awareness and also the ability to communicate with that individual gets you set up for a very secure environment.

Access Control

Access control working into home automation system also puts security first.  Access control is all about having the ability to allow remote entry into and out of the home.  Do you have a delivery at the front door, but you are not there to answer it.  Right from the smartphone you can open up the door and allow that appropriate individual inside of the household.

Access control also lets you have a view into who is outside, while you are in.  It could be something as simple as your child coming home from school.  You may be in the basement doing a load of laundry and use the remote access control to unlock the front door.

We all take security seriously with our homes and the more we are aware and can keep our doors locked, the better off we are.  With access control, the temptation to just leave a door unlocked for ease of entry dissipates.  Why do this when you can control it from wherever you are?

Knowledge of Activity

The combination of video intercom systems and access control also allows knowledge of activity inside the home.  The smart control system, automation sequence, gives insight into who entered and left home.  You will know when the front door, backdoors get unlocked and opened. 

If there appears to be inappropriate activity, you can have immediate knowledge.  It all comes down to being on top of the household at all times.  The more knowledge, control you have over its areas of entry and interior activity, the safer the entire family is. 

Syncing With the System

Synchronizing the video intercoms and access control pieces of the home automation system with the rest is pivotal.  Take a home security set up with a home automation system.  When you couple that with intercoms and also access control, it creates an all-encompassing environment.

Convenience is also at play here.  Using a video intercom to communicate throughout the household can help alert people to emergencies or just simple discussion between family members.  Allow the entire homework together from top to bottom with a full automation solution!

Easy Installation

Advanced Home makes it easy to add a home automation solution to any house.  You can add the system to a new construction and also to a renovation project.  The choice is yours; the power is in your hands.  You can work with our team of expert professionals to dictate exactly what you want.  We use our technology and experience to make the system become a reality!

Scalability and precision are top of mind for the team at Advanced Home.  We will work with you to be sure your home automation system meets every need.  Video intercoms and access control bring a lot of benefits and when incorporated into a full automation solution, are extremely valuable.  Act on the technology available and work with Advanced Home to integrate video intercoms and access control, today!

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