We all dream of the ultimate home entertainment experience. Ever see homes on television that have fantastic audio and video systems? Do you imagine yourself having a setup like that in your house one day? It is not as far-fetched as you think! Home automation solutions allow for incredible gains in the home entertainment space. Bringing to you expert technological solutions has never been easier. We at Advanced Home are leading the way!

A home entertainment system can take on so many shapes and sizes. You want it to be an automated home theater, control it from anywhere. You want to have the ability to turn on and off all facets of it, controlling speakers across the house, along with television screens and so on. The perfect automated home entertainment solution is within reach if you think outside the box and rely on expert professionals.

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Home Entertainment of All Sizes

When you sign on with us at Advanced Home for a home automation solution, you can get set up with a home entertainment setup that meets your needs.  You can have a home theater system that is massive, spanning from every room in the home to one another or one that is simplistic.  The simpler setups are going to be those that are just in one or two rooms.

You can have home entertainment of all sizes though so that you can access and control it, anywhere.  Think about the power of having a speaker system in each room of the home.  If you want to be sure you have music playing room to room, a setup like this can be valuable!  You may only need that music in one or two rooms, though, therefore opt for that simpler solution.  We can scale the system to meet whatever needs you may have.

Experience in the Installation

Knowledge has to be relied upon when having a home entertainment system installed.  You want to be sure you’re going with the best, with a team that has done installation work across Sydney, Australia for years on end.  We at Advanced Home meet the criteria! 

We want to be sure you get the complete package so that you can relax in front of your audio and visual setup with ease.  Our installation technicians are the best in the industry, there to guide you every step of the way with pristine service.  It is all about going into a home entertainment system installation with precision, care, and a goal of aesthetic excellence.

One-Touch Control

The amazing thought about our home entertainment systems is the simplicity of the control.  We have a one-touch remote system so that you can control all of the entertainment in the home, from one panel.  You can even rely on your smartphone to do all of the controlling.

It is all about streamlining the display of your home entertainment system.  Ever go to someone’s home where they have five remote controls to turn on the television, cable box, home theater system, etc.?  Those days are long gone with the home entertainment solutions we get you set up with! 

Clutter-Free Entertainment

We do not want to have wires going across the rooms of our homes, remote controls going everywhere, etc.  You likely want to have a home automation solution, home entertainment excellence, but also keep the aesthetic appeal top of mind. 

Our goal is to create a home entertainment solutions or you that is clean and clutter-free.  The goal is to give you high-definition video, 4K, in every single room of the house. We will do this without you seeing all sorts of cables behind the television.  We will also o this with controls that limit it to just one, not several! 

Do you have a collection of movies?  Things that you may like to stream from various outlets?  We want to make it easy for you to connect to all of this, no matter what room that you are in!  We will allow for the movie library you own to share across rooms.  It is all about making sure you have access to everything.

Plenty of Outputs and Control

The technology we rely on at Advanced Home means you have endless possibilities.  The Control4 system we use for our home automation solutions allows you to have ten different HDMI sources distributed throughout the home.  This will include cable boxes, video game systems, streaming media, etc.  You can output these to 10 different video display locations.  Each of the locations is going to allow for full 4K HD video clarity. 

The control of all of this is even more amazing.  On the top of a table, all you are going to have are touchscreens.  The touch screens, sort of like a basic tablet, will have controls that give you the ability to conquer all of the functions easily.

When to Make the Switch

Home automation and top of the line home entertainment systems go hand in hand.  You want to have confidence in your home entertainment system, know it is going to produce the results you seek.  We at Advanced Home can work with you to make your house have the ideal set up.  The audio-visual installation process is easy, especially if you have a new build or a renovation project ongoing.  Once you are set up with a home automation and entertainment solution, you will never understand how you live without it in the past! 

When does it make the most sense to switch to a home entertainment solution?  It is usually best to do this as part of a new home construction or as part of a remodelling effort.  When you are doing work in your home or having it built for the first time, we can work with you to have a home automation system installed as well.  We will include home entertainment to give you the results and the amazing gains experienced from it.  Video and audio quality from everything you view will be more accessible and just better than ever before.

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