We all have dreams of the ideal home cinema.  It is all about bringing home that movie theatre experience.  Why go to a theatre when you can enjoy the same acoustics, visual display, right from the comfort of your own house?  A home cinema is within reach thanks to our team at Advanced Home!  We want to make it easy to bring home automation to the masses in Sydney, Australia and abroad.  It all comes down to preparation, attention to detail, technology, and professional installation.

Screen & Projection

The Right Screen size 
There are a number of variables that can effect the screen size for your home theater such as room dimensions, or your choice in projector. Different projectors have maximum screen sizes. To find the best screen size for you space, multiply the desired screen size by 1.5 to find the optimum seating area.

Cinema Scope 
Anamorphic screens allow for the viewing of movies in true widescreen or CinemaScope™ (aspect ratio of 2:35:1). CinemaScope™ was developed to provide a more immersive experience. An anamorphic screen eliminates the letter boxing “black bars” that appear on the top and bottom with a standard 16:9 screen.

Acoustic Screens 
An “acoustically transparent” screen is one that allows sound to pass through the screen’s surface. This allows the front surround sound speakers to be placed behind the screen at the same height and location as the action on screen – thus providing the most realistic audio experience. Acoustically transparent screens are used in custom cinemas, where aesthetics are prioritised, for a discreet mounting solution.

Screens for ambient light 
For non-dedicated spaces with ambient light, like a media room, a screen with a higher gain is recommended. High gain screens have a grey hue and are designed reject ambient light.

All projectors have very different functions and features. Advanced Home will select the best projector based on your room size, resolution and budget.

Speakers and Amplification

Reciever Amplifiers
Receiver amplifiers are the hub of a home cinema, unleashing the potential of a multi speaker surround sound system. Advanced Home specify AV recievers from brands like Arcam, Anthem, Denon, and Marantz. All are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive formats and can be integrated into Control4 home automation.
When you want the best sound quality at every volume level then separate amplifiers are the answer. Advanced Home use both multichannel and monaural amplifiers for surround sound speakers and subwoofers
AV Processors
These are dedicated units for processing multichannel cinema surround sound. They also control volume, room equalization, bass, send the video content, and send audio content to the the power amplifier. Many A/V processors also support Dolby Atmos and or DTS:X immersive sound formats. In a custom Home Theatre where audio quality is a major priority, Advanced Home recommends an AV processor with separate power amplifier. This combination provides the ultimate power and customization to deliver the highest quality cinema sound.
AV Recievers
An audio/video (A/V) receiver is a self-contained unit that receives, processes, and amplifies signals for 5.1 and 7.1 cinema surround sound. Many AV receivers also support Dolby Atmos and or DTS:X immersive sound formats. Professional AV Recievers like the Trinnov and Arcam line, include separate room calibration systems to optimize audio performance. AV Processors can be integrated into home automation systems like Control4.

Speakers matter. Good sound requires carefully chosen speakers. Select from floorstanding or bookcase, wireless or architectural. Advanced Home specify speakers from brands like Triad, Meridian, KEF, and Sonos, just to name a few.

Lighting, Seating & Layout

The light in a room also has to be factored in.  Proper lighting is integral to a home cinema.  Think about the lighting, so you have adequate balance.  You need to turn up the lighting before and after watching a movie but be able to dim it during the film.  Our home automation systems can tie that into the control structure.  Our Control4 technology lets you have full power over the lighting so you can have the ideal movie scene set in no time at all.

Furniture also has to be heavily factored in.  You need seating that is going to work for a good crowd.  You’ll likely want to allow for five or six people to enjoy a movie at any given time.  Your home cinema should have the seating to make that a reality.  The seating has to take into account the acoustics, the location of the control pad, the screen, etc.  Seats that are too close or too far away could create viewing issues, so plan accordingly.

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Acoustics & Aesthetics

Acoustics have to be a significant area of focus when talking about a home cinema.  Have you ever gone to a retail store and had to enter a particular room to hear high-end audio equipment?  Ever thought why that was the case?  It is all about the acoustics of the room, not so much the speakers.  The room itself helps make the speakers sound that much better.

When you are having our team work with you on a home cinema, think of the room design.  We can work with you to figure out how you can make the most of the space, have speakers that give you the pop and clarity you desire. A proper set up from an acoustics perspective gives you amazing sound clarity, minimal penetration of outside noises.  You do not want sound absorbed; you want it resonated throughout the room, transmitting from one wall to the next.  That is what we aim to deliver.

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Working With Technology and Professionals

You want to work with top-notch technology and a team of expert professionals when discussing a home cinema and home automation.  We at Advanced Home know what this is all about which is why we take such pride in our work.  We want to establish with you the ideal time for the home cinema set up.  If it is a new construction you have or a renovation project, it is the perfect time for the wiring, to make sure everything is hooked up appropriately.

We have technology on our side thanks to the Control4 system that we rely on.  With just one touchpad you are going to have full control over everything in the space.  You do not have to worry about fumbling with five different remote controls to turn a movie on.  With just a few taps of a screen, you will be off to the races watching the latest flick in the home cinema.

Our team of professionals can expertly install in any home.  It is the technology stack we rely on that gives us the results we desire as well!

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