Our team at Advanced Home continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with lighting control systems. We want to help you make your dreams come true and have extensive, remote control capability over home lights.

Smart lighting and lighting control systems are one piece of the smart home puzzle. It is about control over your lights! The benefits provided via these systems are something we love to discuss in detail. At Advanced Home, we work with homeowners to bring this fantastic technology right to their front door. Never worry about leaving a light on by accident again!

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The Concept of Smart Lighting

The concept of smart lighting is nothing new, but the advancements in recent years are impressive.  The goal with smart lighting is to gain control over all lights in your home, remotely.  You have all of them linked up to a central hub, as well as your smartphone or tablet.  You then can control which of the lights are on and which are off at all times.  Smart lighting solutions are one of our specialties at Advanced Home.  We can help new construction or older residences benefit from what it has to offer!

Controlling Everything From One Location

It is a powerful thing when you can control all of your lights from one location.  So many light switches exist throughout the home!  You even have stuff outside you need to shut off.  Having one central location that controls it all is indeed an excellent benefit to have!

Lighting control systems give you that with a central hub controlling all lights.  You will have power right in your hands without having to go to each part of the home to control what is on and what is not.  Start at the central hub and control it all!

Exterior Lights With Added Control

Do you ever think about the benefits of exterior lighting?  We all want to illuminate our front and backyards.  You may have a swimming pool you want lights around, day and night.  How much of pain is it, though, to go out and turn them on and off every day?

With smart lighting and lighting control systems, you can have exterior lights with added control.  You can have the lights do all of the great things they want to do, while still being able to control them with precision, right from a touchpad inside or even from your smartphone.

Exterior lights provide safety and security benefits and also improve the aesthetic appeal of the residence.  With lighting control systems you have added power over how they function so you can enjoy all of the benefits and none of the aggravation.

Remote Control of the Lights

Lighting control systems give you the ability to remote control all lights.  Ever walk around your house and start to turn on or off every single light switch.  At the end of a long day, do you want to do that before you go to bed?

With a lighting control system, you will have power over all of those light switches, all of the lights in the home, from one central hub or location.  You can control everything with the push of a few buttons on one control panel.  The whole point is to make it easy to use and also available from one spot rather than from multiple light switches throughout the house.

The remote capabilities of the lighting control systems extend to your tablet or smartphone as well.  If you are in bed and you just remembered you forgot to shut off the light in your living room, just pull out the smartphone and take action to correct the problem.  Just like that, the lights will be turned off and you never even had to leave the comfort of your bed!

Energy Usage Benefits

Energy usage benefits have to be top of mind with lighting control systems.  We waste an immense amount of energy every single year with lighting.  We forget to shut lights off when we go to bed, when we leave for work for the day.  All of this wasted energy leads to increased electricity bills, as well as a detriment to the environment.

We all want to reduce our energy usage as much as possible.  With a lighting control system, the energy efficiency gains come from added control.  You can see all of the lights in the home.  You can identify, very quickly, which lights are on and which are not.  Determining as to whether or not you need to shut any of them is as easy as taking a look at the smartphone!

You will be amazed at the amount of energy usage that can be reduced merely by running with a lighting control systems in the home!  Spend the money on the system up front and enjoy the financial savings that come later.  While you are at it, you will find you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well, lowering the impact you have on the globe.

Beyond Lights

You can begin to expand beyond lights as well once you have the control system in place.  You can make it so that things such as your blinds get control by the push of a button, as well as your home theater system and more.  It is about making the entire residence interconnected.  Get everything hooked up to the internet and available for you to be able to monitor and control at will!  The technology is there.  It is time to take advantage of it!

To control interior and exterior lights, there is nothing better than a whole home control solution!

Work with us to help get it set up. 

Whether you have a new build or are modelling project that you are starting, it is a great time to introduce our Advanced Home technology into your household.  Lighting control systems bring the smart to smart home and help you gain more control than you ever thought possible!  Reach out today to get started with the technology.

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