You may be in the process of planning out a new home construction or home renovation project.  If so, you may want to think about trying to incorporate home automation into that effort.  We can quickly tie into these projects and add onto them by assisting with a home automation system that is top of the line.  It is all about bringing your home together, making everything connected.  Connect the lights, even smart appliances, all to the central hub so you have a fully automated house you can control from anywhere!

We know the many benefits of home automation, but have you ever thought about it from the slant of smart appliances?  What exactly is a smart appliance?  What does it mean for something like a refrigerator to be smart?  Needless to say, if you are having a new home built or remodeling an aging one, you are going to want to work them in.  Let’s dig into these a bit deeper.

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The Idea of Smart Appliances

The whole idea or premise of smart appliances is connectivity to the internet.  You may have heard of the internet of things devices.  The purpose of these is for them always to be online, hooked up through a wired ethernet cable or a wifi connection.  The goal is to allow the device to talk to you as well as the rest of the home, to allow it to be fully connected.

A home automation system ties hand in hand with smart appliances.  The home automation system we can help install is going to have a central hub.  All of the appliances install ties into the central hub.  All of the information is sent in that direction and can also be controlled from that location, as well as remotely.  Simply put, smart appliances are hooked up to the internet and give, as well as receive, information as a result.


There are a few main benefits of smart appliances about home automation systems.  We will dig into these in much more detail, but they include alerting functions, remote access, as well as energy savings.  When you take a look at all of the benefits of the smart appliances, it is hard to deny the gains you can realize from investing in them and home automation.

Timely Alerting

Do you always have a good pulse on all of the appliances inside of your home?  Would you know if your refrigerator had a temperature issue, where it was rising to an unsafe level?  What if the freezer was not working the way that it should?  How would you know that your dishwasher leaked?  You are only going to realize these things if you are at home and continually inspecting them.  That is not a real-life situation!

Smart appliances are going to help you stay on top of all of your appliances, all of the time.  It is all about a constant flow of information that is going through your home automation system.  The data from the smart appliances is going to be sent off to the home automation hub and then alerted to you at home or remotely to your smartphone.  If there is an issue with any of the smart appliances, you are aware of them right away.

The great thing about the alerts is that you can stay on top of the state of the home at all times.  If there is a water leak, you will be able to react to it much quicker, taking care of it.  It is about minimizing the damage as a result of the malfunction.  If there is a problem with the refrigerator, you will get a repair before it gets much worse than it should.

Remote Access

Remote access also has to be top of mind when talking about smart appliances.  The ability to control all appliances from an entirely different location is highly valuable.  There are many use cases where it can be a value add to control dishwashers, washing machines, and so on from anywhere in the world.

Say you left the dryer on at home when you went to work for the day.  You may not feel comfortable with the appliance still running while you are not home.  With remote access to the appliance, you will be able to turn it off right from your smartphone.  Remote access to adjust the temperature of a refrigerator is also beneficial.  Another benefit is turning an ice maker on or off depending on when you are at home or away for several days at a time.  Anyone who has left the ice maker on and went on vacation knows that a clog can easily form!  Turn it off remotely and back on before you return!

Energy Efficiency Gains

You will experience energy efficiency gains when you utilize smart appliances.  The combination of the alerting of potential issues, as well as the remote access all, mean proper functioning.  You will see you get the very best out of the appliances, using the least bit of energy possible to get the ideal results.

Energy efficiency gains come from the added control over the appliances, as well as their ability to manage themselves.  When working with a home automation central hub, the smart appliances will send off and receive information to be adequately controlled.  It is all about functioning in that ideal state and smart appliances succeed in the area.

Home automation systems continue to be extremely popular across Sydney, Australia and abroad.  They bring about many benefits that homeowners need to take note of. Smart appliances are a perfect example of the significant gains you receive from home automation.  If you are having a new home built or a renovation project done, consider the benefits!  Think about the investment in smart appliances and make the decision to go all in on connectivity and all of the benefits that go along with it!   Once you are ready to make the leap to home automation, Advanced Home is ready to show you the way!

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