Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate home theatre system?  Do you see examples of these systems on television with speakers in every corner of the room, linking up to one massive screen?  It is like having a movie theatre right inside the home!  A setup like this is not a dream; it is more within reach than you think!  Our team at Advanced Home, working with a great solution like Control4 technology, can bring it to you.

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Why a Home Theatre Room?

Why exactly do you want a home theatre room?  What is the value of having a space like this inside of the house?  There are several benefits to a home theatre room that need mentioning! The next time you get a question on the need for a media room point to this.  Point to the benefits that we detail, the gains realised and the satisfaction received from the space.

The experience is the first and biggest of them all.  View a movie with the intent of the director, in a movie theatre experience.  If you are not able to watch a movie in the local theatre, don’t miss the opportunity.  Your home theatre room is there to bring the movie experience home to you.  It is there to give you that fantastic audio and visual experience, to present to you everything you would have seen should you have viewed it in an actual theatre.

We all enjoy having a private retreat or two in our homes as well.  It may not even be to watch a movie; it may be to watch sports, our favuorite drama on television, etc.  A home theatre serves as a spa-like getaway for those that view it as such.  It is all about disconnecting from our lives for just a little while, enjoying the peace of the home theatre experience.  It is only you and the audio-visual display presenting.

Avoid the Do It Yourself Solution

Many think that they can create a home theatre room on their own.  They go out and buy a big television along with a Blu-ray player, perhaps a video game system or two, speakers, and off they go.  They wire everything on their own and when it is all said and done, plop down to enjoy it. 

Wires are usually everywhere after the install.  Four or five remote controls rest on your lap.  That is not how a home theatre system should be set up! 

Customise a real home theatre system for your space.  It needs to be explicitly built, when talking about the audio and the visual piece, to meet the exact needs that you have.  You may want to have a fantastic audio experience, with clarity and oomph.  Just buying a set up from a big box retailer is not going to get you there!  It needs to be a custom solution that will make the most of the living space.  The television or theatre screen you choose to go with also is custom!  You may find that a projector setup makes more sense once you get down to the details.

Easy Control

Home automation solutions, along with home theatre integrations, allow for easy control.  You want to be able to control your system with one remote control, without having to fuss and fight with the system over buttons, volume controls, inputs, etc.  The Control4 system we install gives you that simple control so that turning off and on the home theatre, media room, is as easy as can be.

Home Automation and Home theatre

Home automation continues to make waves across Sydney, Australia and abroad.  Never before has it been easier for a homeowner to get set up with a system from soup to nuts.  Everything from controlling lights to security, home theatre to the doorbell.  Advanced Home utilises the Control4 system’s technology to make all of this possible.  An utterly modular solution, you can add or remove as many pieces of it as you like.

Having a home automation and home theatre system in one is going to help your viewing experience.  The control that you have with the system is simple, unique.  While sitting in your comfortable recliner, you can have an access pad that gives you power over everything in the space.  You can control the speakers, the screen, all of it.

Deciding on the Automation Solution

It all comes down to how much you want to automate within the household and what to invest today.  The ability of the modular design of the Control4 system means that you can add to it over time.  You may not be ready to wire everything from your lights to your doorbell to the system.  You may, however, want to create that ideal home theatre system today.  Why go with a solution that will limit you for the future?  The Control4 system we install gives you that home theatre solution today and options to expand beyond tomorrow.

There are a variety of situations as to where it is easy for us to install a home theatre system for you in an automation solution.  New construction is an easy one, exposing all of the walls.  That home theatre room you want to wire is like clockwork; you have it exactly as you wish.  During a renovation project, it can also be easy to add a setup like this to the house.  Home theatre wiring is easier than you think with the Control4 system.

We at Advanced Home are here too how you what is possible with a media room.  You want to have a high-end entertainment and home theatre space in the home, you probably just do not know where to begin!  It all comes down to finding the right partner, and we are that at Advanced Home.  We are here to help you get set up with everything so that you can be sitting there, enjoying whatever the latest movie, sports event, or video game that’s showing.  The technology is there, and we are the solution to deliver it to you! 

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