Home automation continues to take off in Sydney, Australia and around the world!  It is all about, as a homeowner, taking control of all applicants and equipment.  Control them automatically and remotely.  Turn equipment on or off depending on the time of the day, which is home versus not.  We continue to evolve the home automation game.  Brand new construction or renovation, automation is well within reach!

Variations of Home Automation

Accomplish home automation in a multitude of techniques.  It can be a centralized approach or programmable.  Isolated sensors and controls may allow automation as well.

You could have separate controls to allow programming of lighting, heating, cooling as well as entertainment devices.  What we have done at Advanced Home is to simplify the process.  No one wants to rely on several different applications, platforms just to control the home.

The goal with home automation is to run it through one central system.  Home automation is intended to be smart, and you want it installed by a team of intelligent, experienced individuals.  Our efforts aim to make automation simple from an installation perspective, and as smart and functional as possible in operation.

Lighting Control Systems

Control lights individually, by room, by zone, or for the entire home. Control landscape and outdoor lighting too. Smart dimmers allow you to set the ideal amount of light for the moment. Combine Lighting settings with Blinds, Climate, Home Audio, and more to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.

Controlling all of the lightings can help save energy and also give you peace of mind, greater control over home lighting. Think about energy usage gains from ensuring all lights are off throughout the day.

Security & Surveillence

Keep your home safe and secure. Control smart door locks, garage doors, and other points of ingress. Cameras are an effective deterrent against crime. Keep track of your home with a surveillance system. Receive a message and view video recorded when packages are delivered. View live and recorded video remotely from your computer or mobile device.

Intercom & Access Control

It can be hard to control access to the home, to talk to one another with ease. Have you ever just yelled to the lower level of the home or from one room to the next? Why not take advantage of smart homes with an intercom system. The system can allow easy communication from anywhere in the home to smartphones, even just to the person ringing the front door.
Access control also comes into play. Have you ever left a key to the home in the mailbox when you knew you had someone coming to work? This is not the safest way to allow someone entry into the home! With access control, you can control every single person that goes in and out of the home in real-time.

Blinds & Comfort

Blinds and draperies can be controlled individually, by room, or as a whole. Combine with Lighting, and other categories to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.
Control the temperature of a room, or as the home as a whole. Combine with other settings to create scenes for the day, night modes. Save money on utilities by optimizing your home’s heating and air conditioning systems.

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Integrated Automation Systems

Integrated automation systems are the ideal scenario.  We have worked to develop, through extensive research and best-in-class product offerings, an integrated automated system that works for the masses.  Everything inside of the home is tied together under one platform, all working ins sync and giving you ultimate control over the residence.

Smart Technology

Smart automation technology is a must when talking automation of the home.  You do not want just the latest and greatest technology, though, you want the newest tech working together!  That means having one system that has the ability for everything to talk to one another.  What good is a smart home theater system if it has to be controlled separately from the lighting and security?  It all has to be tied together.  Combine smart tech and synchronization, and that is what you get with the best automation systems for homeowners.

Using Common Devices

Common devices control the best home automation systems.  You do not want to rely on remote controls that are separate from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  The applications you rely on to control the home must be integrated with smart one-touch control.  Utilize, manage the house with your favorite devices you use on a daily basis.


We all have plans to expand our homes over time, do renovation work.  The home you are in now is going to look vastly different 20-years from now.  Home systems need to be able to adapt.  It all comes down to scalability.  Renovate the home and know you can add onto your existing automation system.  Can pieces be added on seamlessly and still be controlled from one central location?

Avoid automation solutions that limit future potential.  When you shop for a home, you look to see if it meets your needs now and also if it has the potential to reach future needs.  It is the same process an automation system in the home.  Our team at Advanced Home works to install systems that work for now and expand for the future.  Scalability always has to be top of mind!

Installing a New Build or Renovation

You can add home automation to a new build with ease.  Think about automation of the home as a new construction residence.  If it is something that you want as part of the house, get ahead of it!  Have it wired and installed with the construction of the rest of the household.  It is far easier to run wires and such before installing the walls. are installed.

Retrofit a home with systems from Advanced Home as well!  Work with us during a home upgrade.  We will do a system install with other renovation work or as an isolated project.  Begin to control everything.  From the home theater to the lighting, music system to the security, all is going to be controllable and scalable.

Relying on Quality Technology

Home automation and quality technology go hand in hand.  If you go with a cheap, inexpensive solution, you are likely going to lack quality.  At Advanced Home, we rely on Sonos technology to ensure everything is interconnected.  The affordable Control 4 systems that our team works to install continue to make waves across Sydney, Australia and abroad.

It is not just Sonos; it is Dolby Atmos also.  These technologies seamlessly function together.  Advanced technology is what it is all about.  Having a platform to rely on, one you can trust for quality, powerful functionality helps build trust in it working.

Benefits of Home Automation

Owners speak highly of home automation benefits.  They go beyond just controlling everything remotely and through programming.  Think about the energy gains you receive!  You can turn the heat down when you leave for work, ensure lights are shut off!

You also get the peace of mind of knowing the home is secure, turning on and off security systems at will.  Be sure you are home is safe.  If an intruder ever were to come in, you get a notification instantly!

Consider adding home value with automation platforms  Intensely increase home value, making it more livable for future years, decades ahead.  You remodel your kitchen to increase home value, why not add home automation?

Automation of the Home Within Reach

Automation of the home is more within reach than ever before.  The team we have at Advanced Home works to make it easy to add to a new build or as part of a renovation project.  The Control 4 systems we install are quality, technology driven!  The systems are smart and highly effective at giving you control over your home from every area.  Control the lights, security, home theater, heating, cooling, and more right from your smartphone, wherever you are!  Home automation is here, and it is time to take advantage!  Use a smart platform and experience the many benefits.

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