Have you ever had questions about the state of your home?  Did you leave the coffee maker running?  Were any of the lights left on?  Did you remember to set the home security system?  How about whether or not the television remains live?  So many of these common questions are things that can be taken care of by smart homes.  It is time for you, as a homeowner, to take advantage!  We at Advanced Home are prepared to show you the way!

Smart homes can take on many different shapes and sizes.  They can be extremely advanced and also simplistic in their design and execution.  It all comes down to just how much you want to push the envelope with a smart home.  Do you want to have every single facet of the house interconnected, hooked up to the Internet?  Would you instead just control the lights and security system?  You can do anything you want with smart homes, it all comes down to the professional you work with and the vision.

Lighting Control Systems

Control lights individually, by room, by zone, or for the entire home. Control landscape and outdoor lighting too. Smart dimmers allow you to set the ideal amount of light for the moment. Combine Lighting settings with Blinds, Climate, Home Audio, and more to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.

Controlling all of the lightings can help save energy and also give you peace of mind, greater control over home lighting. Think about energy usage gains from ensuring all lights are off throughout the day.

Security & Surveillence

Keep your home safe and secure. Control smart door locks, garage doors, and other points of ingress. Cameras are an effective deterrent against crime. Keep track of your home with a surveillance system. Receive a message and view video recorded when packages are delivered. View live and recorded video remotely from your computer or mobile device.

Intercom & Access Control

It can be hard to control access to the home, to talk to one another with ease. Have you ever just yelled to the lower level of the home or from one room to the next? Why not take advantage of smart homes with an intercom system. The system can allow easy communication from anywhere in the home to smartphones, even just to the person ringing the front door.

Access control also comes into play. Have you ever left a key to the home in the mailbox when you knew you had someone coming to work? This is not the safest way to allow someone entry into the home! With access control, you can control every single person that goes in and out of the home in real-time.

Blinds & Comfort

Blinds and draperies can be controlled individually, by room, or as a whole. Combine with Lighting, and other categories to create scenes for entertaining, getting ready for school, or bedtime.
Control the temperature of a room, or as the home as a whole. Combine with other settings to create scenes for the day, night modes. Save money on utilities by optimizing your home’s heating and air conditioning systems.

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Wrapping Up the Many Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Homeowners are taking advantage of the internet connectivity that all devices have in the modern age.  It is time for you as a homeowner to take note of the advancements, to take advantage!  New construction and renovation projects alike can benefit from the tech.  No home is too old to be turned into a smart home.

The team at Advanced Home has the capabilities of getting any home ready to be considered smart.  Smart homes can stem from new construction or extensive renovation.  Accomplish a lot with creativity and smart home technology.  Think about ways to make the home more connected.  Gain more control than you ever imagined possible with smart homes technology, today!

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