Control Your Home from Lights to Hi-fi Sound Systems and Entertainment with Automation in Coogee

The future of home entertainment is exciting and full of potential. The technologies for home automation in Coogee continue to improve and make it easier to control all the details in your home. There are several main categories where automation and technology benefit your home, and the best systems bring them all together for the ideal experience.

Learn How Automated Security Systems and Home Entertainment in Coogee Benefit You

Two main categories of home automation streamline your life:

  • Security and Access – Home security is handled at the touch of a button with automated systems. You can keep an eye on everything happening at home no matter where you are. When you’re at home, you can lock and unlock doors to control access, see who’s arrived at your front door, and use video footage to track when packages arrive.

    Video footage is stored and can be accessed later either from your computer or an app on your phone. These systems can also integrate with your phone to handle calls and use your smartphone as an intercom.
  • Lighting, Blinds, and Comfort – When you’re relaxing, you have control over lights in any room, even within zones in a single room. You can designate light levels with smart dimmers to have settings for dinner, watching TV, or enjoying the family game night.

    We can connect blinds, drapes, and your HVAC to your automated system. Close the blinds at night and turn down the heat, then bring the temperature back up shortly before you wake and rise with the sun as the curtains open to let it into your room.

    You can also connect your Hi-fi sound systems in Coogee to your automated system. Control sound levels, music, and the shows you watch with ease, using voice commands or a tablet.

No matter how you use home automation, it will make your life easier, and save you money.

Enjoy Music and TV with More Clarity than Ever

In addition to an automated home, you can install high-quality sound systems that add new dimensions of depth to your old favourites. With home Hi-fi in Coogee, you’re bringing theatre quality sound to your living room. Excellent options include DSP and High Res Audio. DSP, or Digital Signal Processing, gives you authentic sound that makes you feel like you’re in the room where they recorded the music. You can read more about the special features of DSP here. Hi-Res Audio, a lossless audio form, is another way you can enjoy excellent sound from your system.

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