Control Everything in Your Home, from the Home Entertainment and Hi-Fi Sound Systems to Lighting and Security; Call Advanced Home for Home Automation in Bronte

More and more, homeowners across Australia are embracing the possibilities and features of home automation technology. From lighting to heating and home entertainment, it has become possible to control every aspect of your home more smartly and intuitively. If you are interested in unlocking the many benefits of home automation in Bronte, all you need to do to get started is pick up the phone and call Advanced Home.

How Advanced Home Handles Home Automation in Bronte

At Advanced Home, the thing we consider to be most important about home automation is intuitive usability. Automating functions of your home can improve security, enable reductions in energy consumption and spending, improve home comfort and more. However, all these benefits can easily fall by the wayside if a home control and automation system aren’t easy to use.

When you choose Advanced Home to help you design your home automation system, we aim for maximum ease of use. We start with a modular system called Control4, which is wonderful for several reasons. First, Control4 makes it easy to automate and control multiple aspects of your home using the same system. Rather than having one app for your home’s lighting, another for the camera surveillance system and a third for managing access control, you can do all these things from one central system.

Second, it’s easy to add to your Control4 system over time. Say you want to start just by automating home entertainment in Bronte. We can focus on your home theatre to start, putting all the controls for the entertainment room—including lighting, sound and video—in one place. However, because we are using Control4, and because Control4 is modular, we can quickly go back and add functions and controls to that system later. If and when you decide you want to automate a surveillance system, or an access control system, or the heating and lighting controls for your entire home, we can easily program those items into your existing system. We won’t need to go back and re-program your home theatre automation later.

Start Exploring the Options of Home Automation Today

Are you interested in automating your blinds, your front door locks or your Hi-Fi sound systems in Bronte? If so, Advanced Home can help. When you call us for a home automation job, we will start by sitting down with you to discuss your wants, needs and expectations. From there, we can begin mapping out a system that will give you the controls you want. Once we’re done, you’ll have a truly modern ‘smart’ home—one that you can control and automate in ways that save you money and grow your peace of mind. Best of all, your system will be 100 percent scalable, ready for the day that you decide to add a new system or home function into the mix.

To learn more about how you can automate your blinds, surveillance cameras or home Hi-Fi in Bronte, contact Advanced Home today.

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