Trust Us to Install Your Hi-Fi Home Sound Entertainment Systems in Sydney and Learn about the Benefits of Automation

When you’re working most of the day, taking care of kids every morning and evening and juggling a multitude of other tasks, finding the time to relax can be challenging. However, when you have a spare moment or a few hours to unwind either alone or with the family, you deserve an entertainment experience like no other. High fidelity, often abbreviated to Hi-Fi, refers to top-quality sound reproduction, and it can give you an immersive experience when watching TV or listening to music. If you think now’s the time to enhance your home entertainment in Sydney, we are the company to call.

At Advanced Home, we’ve been introducing home Hi-Fi to Sydney residents for the past four years, and, so far, we’ve only received positive feedback. We never install inexpensive systems that degrade within the space of a few months. We rely on the highest quality technology to install Hi-Fi sound systems in Sydney that guarantee to stand the test of time while improving your home entertainment experience, which is why we usually work with Sonos and Dolby Atmos products.

In addition to enhancing your TV and sound systems, we can also make them more straightforward to use. Instead of having to use separate remotes to control your TV, speakers, security systems and lighting, you can manage them all using an intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet. Keep reading below to learn about the advantages of automation or call us to discuss our capabilities.

The Benefits of Home Automation in Sydney

Just some reasons why so many homeowners are embracing automation include:

  • Control all your electric-powered systems using one device

As mentioned above – you can manage your lights, alarms, TVs, speakers and more with one application thanks to automation. No more rummaging for lost remotes or checking all the lights are off in every room when you go to bed thanks to automation.

  • Minimise your energy usage, bills and carbon footprint

Automation isn’t just about making life more straightforward. It’s an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills significantly. Not only can you turn your electric solutions on and off using an app, but you can also perform tasks such as setting lights and AC units to operate at your chosen times.

  • Trust us to design bespoke Hi-Fi sound systems in Sydney

Until you hear it, you won’t understand how Hi-Fi can enhance your relaxation time dramatically. High fidelity sound is the counterpart to HD visual. If you want to feel like you’re in the action when watching movies, you should learn more about Hi-Fi.

  • Make the most of your free time

You work hard to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, so why not reward yourself with an automated Hi-Fi entertainment system that will help you unwind after a stressful day?

Learn More about Home Automation in Sydney

At Advanced Home, we can design a new entertainment system for your house that will not only enhance your viewing and listening experience but also improve your property’s aesthetics. We can conceal equipment in closets as well as create a Hi-Fi sound system that works in conjunction with your lighting. Find out why our solutions are becoming increasingly popular by calling us today.

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