Get More out of Your Home Cinema with Custom Home Theatre Design and Installation in Bronte

Going out to the cinema with friends or family is fun, but it’s also expensive. What if you could get just as high-quality a viewing experience without even leaving the comfort of your own home? With a custom home theatre in Bronte, from Advanced Home, you can do just that.

Advanced Home and Our Home Cinema Installation in Bronte

At Advanced Home, we are skilled at designing and installing the next generation of home cinema. It used to be that most home theatres were little more than a too-small TV, a couch and a coffee table. Homeowners were relying on built-in TV speakers and were settling for low-resolution screens. Such was the standard home viewing experience for films, television programming or live sporting events.

When customers call us for a new home cinema in Bronte, though, we strive to take them into a new era of at-home entertainment. We can design a jaw-dropping theatre room in your home, one that turns the viewing experience into the kind of immersive, escapist fun that you would expect to find at a movie theatre. In fact, you might never go to the theatre again! That’s how much you will love watching films, TV shows and sports in your own home.

What defines a home theatre installation in Bronte from the Advanced Home team? We start with the essentials: bright, immersive smart TVs or video screens and high-definition audio systems capable of delivering crisp, explosive sound.

However, where many home cinema companies stop after these elements, we keep going. We factor in lighting systems, which can affect everything from the ambience of your home cinema to your ability to discern detail on the screen. We factor in furniture, ensuring that your home theatre includes plenty of comfortable seating for the whole family to enjoy a movie together. We factor in acoustics, to make sure your speakers and audio system sound as good as possible in the given space. We even factor in aesthetics, designing a room that looks fantastic even when there isn’t a movie or sporting event on the screen.

Put simply, when you trust Advanced Home with your custom home cinema installation in Bronte, you get a design that we have considered and crafted from every single angle. From comfort to sightlines to soundproofing, we look at (and listen to) every detail of your home cinema. The result, when we are done with our work, is a room where you will want to re-watch every single one of your favourite movies, just to see how it plays on your new equipment.

Make It a Movie Night: Contact Advanced Home to Build the Ultimate Home Cinema

Life is too short to watch movies on small screens or settle for puny sound. With a high-fidelity, high-definition entertainment setup, you can find new levels of enjoyment in the entertainment you consume in your household. So make it a movie night and hire Advanced Home for a state-of-the-art home theatre in Bronte. Contact us today to get started.

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